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Re: Net Classes


I can code my part within the next month, say completing it by mid August.

If you can wait, and agree with this plan, in the mean time there is the
"layer visibility" design thread that we invested time into, and UNDO
for you to consider working on.

Please let me know your thoughts on this division of responsibility and
the scheduling. My commitment to code my part in 4 weeks is contingent
on your agreement, and is also a reflection of how busy I am. I don't
see more than 3 days work for me, and this is about 3 Saturdays, hence
the 4 weeks.


I fully agree with this plan.
And I put on top on my TODO list:
- UNDO/REDO in Pcbnew

It's a lot of work to do this "command design pattern", but it is an alternative to copying elements of the BOARD file into strange places, and I think this reference has links to similar ideas.

This might be worth reviewing before you do your UNDO design. The "command" model is higher level than the wxEvents. It would entail wrapping all arguments into a command container, and the queuing them up, for every single operation in PCBNEW. (There may however be a place to tuck user data into the wxEvent object, say a small general purpose container with a virtual destructor.)


It is occurring to me that this is a monstrous task.