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Re: Re: [MacOSX] Asserts under wx-2.9


Marco Serantoni wrote:
I could not find my earlier UpdateStatusBar( ) work in the CHANGELOG. files. But I *know* I worked on this. As I remember there was some goofy usage of the status bar for a few milliseconds between when the time the text was sent by force into the status bar, but then when you let the window redraw itself naturally, that text was erased. It make my head hurt, and that is why I am still a bit cranky about it. I think it is still hurting. The design was bad, and I fixed it, but in only one of the 4 Kicad apps, because that was all that was reported at the time.

Perhaps you are thinking about you (great) work about WinEDA_MsgPanel that now >redraws itself correctly.
I removed these calls to UpdateStatusBar().
They were useless, because (as you said in your previous mail) the status bar is handled by its window and is redrawn by its parent window naturally,
and moreover it is called when the mouse has moved.

As we are chatting about changes, i've done a bit of tests with wx-2.9 && OSX and .. i wanna cry ;)
- XOR is supported in a worse way, on PCBNEW leaves a trail, on eeschema leaves schematics "cleaned" with the background.
- Toolbars aren't working as they do, icons disappears and on pcbnew combos on the toolbar aren't displayed as required.

I wish to test some workaround for those problems:
For the first problem i would to see wxOverlay that could avoid also a "redraw", should be documented on wx-2.9.
For the second problem i would see wxAUIToolbar that is not the native and should work.


Is wx 2.9 released?

Can you create small examples and work with the wx developers to get things fixed there? That seems more reasonable that flooding Kicad with workarounds. Or can you simply stay with wx 2.8? And publish your complaints about 2.9 with the wx developers? If it is as bad as you say, would not other applications also be affected?


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