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Re: Asserts under wx-2.9


>> I could not find my earlier UpdateStatusBar( ) work in the CHANGELOG. 
>> files. But I *know* I worked on this.
>> As I remember there was some goofy usage of the status bar for a few 
>> milliseconds between when the time the text was sent by force into the 
>> status bar, but then when you let the window redraw itself naturally, 
>> that text was erased. It make my head hurt, and that is why I am still 
>> a bit cranky about it. I think it is still hurting.
>>The design was bad, and I fixed it, but in only one of the 4 Kicad apps, 
>>because that was all that was reported at the time.

>Perhaps you are thinking about you (great) work about WinEDA_MsgPanel thatnow >redraws itself correctly.
>I removed these calls to UpdateStatusBar().
>They were useless, because (as you said in your previous mail) the status bar is handled 
>by its window and is redrawn by its parent window naturally,
>and moreover it is called when the mouse has moved.

As we are chatting about changes, i've done a bit of tests with wx-2.9 && OSX and .. i wanna cry ;)
- XOR is supported in a worse way, on PCBNEW leaves a trail, on eeschema leaves schematics "cleaned" with the background.
- Toolbars aren't working as they do, icons disappears and on pcbnew comboson the toolbar aren't displayed as required.

I wish to test some workaround for those problems:
For the first problem i would to see wxOverlay that could avoid also a "redraw", should be documented on wx-2.9.
For the second problem i would see wxAUIToolbar that is not the native and should work.


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