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Re: Asserts under wx-2.9


> > Is wx 2.9 released?
> Indeed not, but i don't want to wait the last moment adapt the code.
> Jean Pierre was preparing the ground too with his wxCanvas change and i think is good.
> > Can you create small examples and work with the wx developers to get 
> > things fixed there? That seems more reasonable that flooding Kicad 
> > with workarounds.  
> Indeed i'd posted a patch in the past to wxAUI for having a benefit and FIX for my platform, "Catch two pigeons with one bean" :)
> > Or can you simply stay with wx 2.8?  
> I can stay with wx2.8, i feel confortable with it but i've to think to the future ;)
> > And publish your complaints about 2.9 with the wx developers?  
> > If it is as bad as you say, would not other applications also be affected?
> The problem regards only the "cursor" tracing, usually other applicationsuses "native cursors", we can't for many reasons starting with the block operations.
> --
> Marco

I have to agree, this proactive approach to getting Kicad working with the new wx2.9 is commendable. It is wishful thinking that the problem will be addressed by the library developers first, but regardless Kicad is not building now on the latest release and a Kicad workaround on this end is the best solution. Especially when two developers are committed to it. 

Thanks Jean-Paul and Marco, for the hard work you are putting into the OSX solutions.