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Re: Asserts under wx-2.9


> >> My suggestion.
> > I agree with you can be safetly removed, but i feel the need to avoid to hurt other platforms and give you the chance to change it ad libitum, so i propose them in an flood of ifdef WXMAC ;)
> You are doing fine. My remarks were targeted towards whomever it 
> inclined to commit this patch.
> I could not find my earlier UpdateStatusBar() work in the CHANGELOG. 
> files. But I *know* I worked on this.
> As I remember there was some goofy usage of the status bar for a few 
> milliseconds between when the time the text was sent by force into the 
> status bar, but then when you let the window redraw itself naturally, 
> that text was erased. It make my head hurt, and that is why I am still 
> a bit cranky about it. I think it is still hurting.

We were talking an year/6 months ago for OSX on PCBNEW :)