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A few observations


Hello all!

My name is Silviu. I'm new in kicad, but I like very much this software. I make same project, and I remark a few little bugs.

For PCBnew
1.If I use a few traks dimensions in a PCB project, sometimes they disappear from tracks's list (it remains only the value used recent). Same case for vias dimensions.

2.Sometimes, language settings is changing by itself.

3.I use a fill zone in a PCB project. When I print the project, the pads drill's that was placed in that fill zone, remain covered by that.

For CVpcb
1.If it's possible to do: it will be more easy if I can ordonate components in CVpcb also by value too.

2.When my pointer is situated in footprints's list and I press a letter, automatically select a component that start with that letter.

Sorry if I dare to say this!
I sincerely hope that I helped to develop a new version of Kicad.