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Re: Re: [kicad-users] Strange problem with Zones and


jean-pierre.charras@... escreveu:
Alain Mouette a écrit :
The attachment was removed, so I placed it in paste bin. I hope that it
is not inconvenient. ..

1) http://pastebin. ca/1526736 <http://pastebin.ca/1526736>
Problem with tracks connecting that should no.

2) http://pastebin. ca/1526741 <http://pastebin.ca/1526741>
Problem with a zone short with a pad. DRC should detect as it violates
electrical integrity.

I hope that it helps finding the problem.

I hope that only the .pcb is enough. I went all the way through
eeschema, net, cvpcb, pcbnew to make sure that it is realistic.

In these 2 boards you have build module with graphic items on a copper layer.
This is intended *only* for microwave components that *need* this feature.
Microwave components and boards using them are very specific and a classic DRC is not useful.
Do this in a usual footprint is a nonsense (and I am polite).
Modedit ( in recent versions) displays a warning message if you do that.

The problem is that there is no way no way to do that 2 things:

(1) is acting as a one sided keep-out
(2) is for making a solder jump that works nicely. (I have another with 3 pads and one side is rounded, very convienient to avoid errors.)

You may have heard this before, sorry I am trying not to be impolite, but I have to say it: I got used to do this with another cad and I would like to go on using it.

Could this at least be acknowledge as a problem and go into your pending list? For next time you work on DRC...

Thanks a lot,