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Re: Component library editor improvements.


2009/9/14 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...>:
> I just committed my latest round of component library editor
> improvements and I wanted to get some input from the group before
> starting on the next round of changes.
> Selecting blocks in the component library editor currently ignores
> fields.  This behavior seem counter intuitive to me.  When I select the
> entire component, I expect the fields to be moved along with draw items.
>  If no one objects, I will implement this behavior.
> Merging the component library document file (dcm) and the component
> library file (lib) has been discussed before here:
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/kicad-devel/message/1415
> I am not going to rehash this discussion.  However, it would simplify
> the component library code if there was a single component library file.
> Since nothing has changed since this discussion took place I am willing
> to work on some of this as part of component library editor
> improvements.  I am proposing to merge the two files if the component
> library file is version 2 or earlier.  I propose changing the current
> alias definition format from:
> ALIAS 74HCT02 7402 74LS28
> ( above currently in *.lib )
> $CMP 74HCT02
> D Quad Nor2
> F path/to/doc.file
> $CMP 7402
> D Quad Nor2
> K TTL Nor2
> ( above currently in *.dcm )
> to only in *.lib:
>  $CMP 74HCT02
>    D Quad Nor2
>    K HCTMOS Nor2
>    F path/to/doc.file
>  $CMP 7402
>    D Quad Nor2
>    K TTL Nor2
>  $CMP 74LS28
> If no one objects to these changes, I will implement them as part of the
>  the next few rounds of component library editor improvements.
> Wayne

Hi Wayne,

Anything to improve things in the library editor would be very
welcomed! I just start a new set of libraries from scratch, and I
stumbled across a lot of things, but I was running an older SVN
compilation so I have yet to test some of these bugs against the
current SVN code.

A single file solution for the libs would be welcomed by me.

Good Luck!

Best Regards,