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Re:Compiling story on Ubuntu 9.04


This is in response to an email from Jerry Jacobs as I am unable to reply to him directly due to a mail delivery failed message.

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Subject: Compiling story on ubuntu 9.04

Hello David,
Did you documented/remember the actions you had to take to compile on ubuntu 9.04 Maybe you and i can expand the Compiling-Debian.txt

I already did some work on debian.

Jerry Jacobs

---------------My Reply--------------------------------

The first thing I did was follow this page up to the running kicad section


This resulted in the error message detailed in this post


The next step was to remove any libboost 1.34 libraries using the apt-get remove command (can't remember the exact commands I used) as the Ubuntu 9.04(Jaunty) repositories only had the 1.34 version available.

After this I installed the boost 1.37 libraries
using this command

sudo apt-get install libboost1.37-dev

This pulled down all the required files and dependencies (as far as I know-how do I check this?)

I then entered the following command

fakeroot debian/rules binary

and everything was built properly (I saw a few warnings flash past-will these be logged anywhere?)

I was left with a bunch of debian packaged files. I installed the main one,the common one and an English language documentation one (I can supply more details if needed later as I am not using Ubuntu at the moment).

The first link above describes moving the libraries and other files into the same place as the compiled executables. I didn't do this, so I have a duplicate installation.
The above method needs some fine tuning and improvements. If you can let meknow of a tidier way of compiling Kicad please let me know.
Maybe there is a way of automating things with scripts, my Linux knowledge doesn't go that far, yet.