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Re: Launchpad


David wrote:
Dick has mentioned launchpad and even though I'm not a developer even I recognise that it looks pretty good.
As moderator of this development group I can start a Poll asking should the project move over to launchpad. However I would not open a poll without being asked to by the members of this group. Obviously the final decision belongs to Jean Pierre irrespective of the results of a poll.But maybe all interested parties could discuss launchpad.net and any benefits or otherwise?
What are peoples thoughts?



This is very good. I just want to give you an idea that you may have to divide the pie. That is, we should be prepared to direct the discussion in a direction where we discuss separately each component of the project, should there be resistance to moving the entire project. (And only in that event, discuss portions separately.) For example, those maintaining the wiki *might* not be as enthused about moving as those using version control and mailing lists. (In such a case, this would mean having to cut the pie, and delve into each piece separately, and the consequences if any of having a pie that is cut. Pie is perhaps not the strongest metaphor, as we are dealing with pieces which have varied roles.)