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Re: New contributor


>> Ah right, I will stop work on it then. lol
>> Best Regards,
>> Brian.
> Sorry Brian.  The pay is pretty low around here, so the small percentage
> of my small brain that I can spend on this caused me to forget.   I
> don't think I am alone.  I guess frequent commits showing small
> incremental steps, even if not complete, with entries in the
> CHANGELOG.txt file might be a good way to carve out some turf for a
> period.  Otherwise folks forget.
> If you've got anything you are proud of, work it out with Isaac
> please.    I will be away from the list for a day or so.   I generally
> like the direction that Isaac is heading, and I think everyone else will
> also.
> Dick

It's no problem honestly, unfortunately work commitments have meant
that I haven't exactly been speeding along with it! I will look
forward to seeing something implimented, it will be another good bonus
for KiCAD.

Keep up the great work.

Best Regards,