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Library work and project librarian?


Is there any willingness to discuss our release library structure and content? I'd like to reach some consensus how to improve current situation and I'm also eager to take 'project librarian' position on best effort basis. I'm not willing to do 3D-models, but vetting submitted stuff and doing some cosmetic modifications to current symbols. Naturally my own stuff will get merged in too, as soon as it gets up to publication quality.

What I think is needed mostly:

*Official symbol drawing guidelines with sizes and line widths.

*Discussion how to organise the library tree and possible sub-branches.

*Library and component naming policy

*Library licenses allowed.

The more flexible symbol system would include line width classes, that would get sized on load time to user specification. There has been some ideas before and they may be rehearsed here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/kicad-devel/message/2215

Some nice libraries I found recently:

IMHO the library is the last annoyance to new user of Kicad. The functionality is mostly enough in current development versions.


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