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Re: Library work and project librarian?


I would like to discuss about Vesa's questions

> and I'm also eager to take 'project librarian' position on best effort

You have my vote! If it is taken into consideration ;)

> *Official symbol drawing guidelines with sizes and line widths.

http://users.tkk.fi/~vsolonen/kicad/Symbol_guidelines.txt - it is good! Butwhat about rules for drawing ICs?

I am always wondering what is the best way of pin positioning (eg. groupingit due to role -> data, vcc, gnd together or just putting them as they arein the package).

> *Discussion how to organise the library tree and possible sub-branches.

I think that we should organize the tree due to manufacturer names with some exceptions ( sometimes the chip is produced by more than one company see 74xx, some memories, connectors etc.).

> *Library and component naming policy

see above ...

> *Library licenses allowed.

Sorry, but I am not good in licenses ;(

The truth is that the library tree now is a tragedy! (I am using kicad 20080825c from kubuntu 9.04 repository) 

Just look on "device" library. It is full of everything but what schotky diode and mosfet has in common with speaker, jumper and bnc connector?

Or why microcontrollers.lib is 90% duplicate of microchip.lib?

Don't you think it should be fixed by somebody?

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