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Re: Library work and project librarian?


> In my opinion is not simple as FTP is not enough to manage such server
> library. With your idea I can imagine how avarage user can quickly do a mess
> with its libraries and 200 files get by FTP to "local repository".

Why you think an FTP server is a bad idea? For me it is simple yet robust and you don't need a special server, with special soft runned on it, but a normal ftp server easy (and cheap) to host and maintain.

I would be grateful if you could explain me how this mess can be done. I really don't get it! 

The ftp client will be embeded in kicad library manager, thus every downloaded file will be monitored. Moreover the library manager can check which files are present in /lib directory what should prevent the mess. The state of all libraries will be compared to the newest "libraries list" file downloaded from ftp. I assume that every file has its own unique name. Thus comparing the list with the state of /lib directory should not be a problem.

I do not assume that "average" user will copy fake files to /lib on its own.

> I am
> assuming much more complex "tool" to search for parts and download them on
> demand to KiCAD, if they are not present there by default (from
> installation) or they were downloaded earlier. The similar interface should
> exist in KiCAD application itself and on the web page of the "server
> project". This may allow users review or search libraries without KiCAD even
> downloaded on the HDD.

Could you please expand your vision of complex "tool"...

With the ftp solution you have an instant access to all files, we may try to write a simple script in php to parse the "library list" file on server side and show it to users on www page. That should not be a problem.

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