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Re: Re: Translating remarks to English


Mateusz wrote:
> Wayne, have you run the program? It shows both translation and the original file.


I apologize for taking so long to reply. I've be really busy lately. I
will attemp to build and try out your translation code some time this
week and try to give you some feedback by the weekend.

> I would be very grateful for constructive comments about this program.
> I do agree that it would be a stupid idea to translate all remarks automatically. Yet it may be useful to begin with translation or just to understand what is the French remark about. In other words the program was designed only to speed up the translation not to do it for you.

Unfortunately, I really don't know any French or know anyone who could
help me with the translations so I don't know how much help I will be
when it comes to translating.

> Another problem is that it would be good to rewrite the whole code in English (now some variables and functions names are in French). But it is a totally different story ;)

I've been doing some of this as I go when I figure out what a piece of
code does. For example I change m_Rayon to m_Radius in the library
component circle draw item. That one was obvious. I will avoid
translating code that I'm not sure exactly what it does. That would be
more confusing to every one.


> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...> wrote:
>> Mateusz Komorkiewicz wrote:
>>> I've ended the alpha version of remarks translator.
>>> I attach a sample diff file (muonde.txt).
>> Mateusz,
>> Some of the translations are helpful. Unfortunately, some of them are
>> very confusing. I'm trying to figure out what part of a printed circuit
>> board is referred to as a "pellet";). The problem I see is when JP goes
>> to translate this, he may not understand what translation from "pellet"
>> was without looking at previous versions of the source.
>> Wayne
>>> I also attach a translator.tar.gz with binaries & source code. (You need: 
>>> libcurl3-gnutls,libcurl4-gnutls-dev,qt4 to compile/run it).
>>> If somebody with knowledge of both French & English could find some time to use this program, then it would give us a perfect translation.
>>> Waiting for your comments!