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Re: Re: Library work and project librarian?


On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Mateusz wrote:
It is hard for me to follow the discussion as we discuss too many problems at one time!

Multitasking is a bit difficult. Maybe I learn to avoid it some day... ;)

Vesa, I dare to propose a road map on libraries issues (based on our previous posts), what you think
about this:

Libraries RoadMap
1. Tagging + tag searching
2. Files & components naming policy
3. Creation of GUI tool allowing libraries reordering + adding tags
4. Reordering libraries
5. Official components guidelines + license system
6. Dynamic styles
7. Fixing existing KiCad core libraries to meet the guidelines & styles
8. Web based library system

This list is simpler for my engineering mind;)

Lets focus on one point before we start discussing the next one ...

I fully agree and want to thank you for the road map. Maybe we should start with discussing 2. and 5. subjects first as they don't need any other work apart from discussion. When we nail down these issues, then we may push needed documents to kicad-doc tree and really ordered work can start. Others doing the needed implementation may do their work independent of these policy issues and I think the productivity will be at it's best then. In multiple threads and on special purpose processors.. ;)

It would be nice to make a really polished release for the next Ubuntu LTS, would it?


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