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ERC Beta testers wanted


( I posted this to the kicad-users group over 20 minutes ago, but it
hasn't showed up in email yet, so I thought I'd try to post it here.
Apologies in advance if you get two copies.)

I am developing a Python script library for use with KiCad.
It will enable several capabilities, but the first target is
additional ERC checking.

I have the first level of this coded.  In some ways it is not as
capable as that built-in to KiCad.  For example, the pin-type
checking will be added in the next layer of this code, with a
goal of actually having more capability than KiCad.

In some ways it is already more capable.   It can report warnings
that the KiCad ERC doesn't.  For example, in the flat_hierarchy
demo, it finds that the VPP-MPCLR signal doesn't have the
same name on both pages, so R18 pin 2 is really unconnected.
In a real design, this would be a real error.

This is definitely a work-in-progress, and I'm really busy at the
moment, so I'm just looking for a few beta-testers for now.

Beta test system requirements:

1) Linux (or the ability to modify the fileobjs/paths.py
without too much complaint)
2) Python 2.6

No, really, Python 2.6 -- I use some of its features and
am not ready to move to or support 3.0.
(Truthfully, 2.5 would probably work, but I'm not
interested in support calls on that right now.)

If you're interested, please reply privately to this email.

Best regards,
Patrick Maupin