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Re: Libraries - files and components naming policy


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, jean-pierre charras - INPG <jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:
Lot of interest in this topic...

I agree "separate .dcm and .mdc files are not very useful."

I have also noticed a slow down searching a list of library
files for either a symbol or footprint. I would recommend changing
each library name to a directory for improved searches, revision
control and library management. This also allows any one design
to only archive syms and mods used in the design. The following
structure would open the design for future Bill of Material 

(*manufacture#, cost, availablity, InStockAmt)
(*sym, *mod, obsolesence, InStockAmt)
allow sym,mod pins to be <decimal_number> | (Alpha><number>

Frank Bennett

> Manveru a écrit :
> > 2009/10/8 Vesa Solonen <vsolonen@cc. hut.fi <mailto:vsolonen@...>>
> >
> > Glue logic and general opamps, connectors etc. sould use just _one_
> > schematic symbol for _all_ variants. The details should be added
> > at cvpcb
> > stage or while editing the schematic, by pull down menu or something.
> > Otherwise we end up making incredibly large library. Heavy symbol
> > way may
> > be easier to implement, but it's no way smart.
> >
> Aliases of a given component (an op amp for instance) are intended to 
> solve this problem.
> Aliases share the graphic shape, but have their own name, documentation 
> and key word.
> >
> > Now it seems that
> > Jean-Pierre may have thought that when defining separate .dcm system.
> > Could you Jean-Pierre comment on light vs heavy symbol system and
> > your
> > ideas from the past decisions?
> >
> I created the .dcm (.DoCuMent) files and .mdc (ModuleDocuMent) files 
> mechanism some years ago when the local network used by by students at scool
> were slow, and these files were a workaround to the slow links between 
> the server that stores libraries and All Kicad files and user's PC
> These small files allow user's PC to display some info (module list in 
> Cvpcb for instance) quickly.
> Loading the full libraries could take a while (more than 10 or 20 
> seconds, each time you want the see a footprint, due to the low link, 
> the limited performances of network cards, ans the PCs).
> Now this problem does not exist, and separate .dcm and .mdc files are not 
> very useful.
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