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Re: Re: pcbnew very slow under some X11 machines


emmedics4 wrote:
>> On Sun, 11 Oct 2009, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>>> I think we need to start by asking this question: "Is this problem
>>> specific to Kicad or is it general to wxWidgets?"
>> With my limited understanding it seems there is both to blame. WxDC is not 
>> up to efficient complex drawing and Kicad draws everything without caching 
>> or grouping graphics primitives. Dot grid drawing code is a very good 
>> example.
>> Running Pcbnew on profiler shows interesting results at least.
>> -Vesa
> Vesa do you have tried to see if wxAutoBufferedPaintDC could help in this situation ?
> It should be a easy thing to change also just for a test.

I would not be too quick to blame Kicad and/or wxWidgets. After the
latest xorg update on Debian testing (AMD64) with nvidia binary drivers,
I cannot use the development version of Kicad on my system. There have
been no updates to wxWidgets on my system. I remember seeing on some
forum ( I believe it was either Ubuntu or Debian ) complaints about
rendering speed after updates to xorg that had nothing to do with either
Kicad or wxWidgets. I'm not suggesting that the wxWidgets or Kicad
drawing code could not be improved. But when the time to render the
video demo goes from ~1 second to over 50 seconds on my system,
something has gone terribly wrong somewhere.


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> Marco