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Re: pcbnew very slow under some X11 machines


Am Montag, 12. Oktober 2009 11:39:34 schrieb Vesa Solonen:
> Could you supply a bit more information about your setup, like distro,
> window manager or desktop info(KDE, Gnome, etc.), machine specs and lspci
> output? In my understanding the new drawing code is just discussed yet.

Of course. One machine that experiences problems is an Atom-based netbook (MSI 
Wind) with Intel 945GME graphics, running Kubuntu 9.04 (KDE-Desktop). Find 
attached the output of lspci.

Let me know if I can help with more information.

I also experienced the same problems on a PC with an Intel Core2 Processor and 
an NVidia graphics card (I believe it's a 7900GS, but I am not sure), also 
running Kubuntu 9.04. That machine is currently out of reach, so I don't have 
an lspci output.

I am pretty sure that pcbnew did run fast enough with an earlier version of 
the OS on the latter machine. However, I could not find another software that 
showed a similar performance regression (I tried several other wxWidget-based 
programs). Maybe I'll find time to run the Phoronix test suite to further 
analyze if it's the OS/xorg/whatever.

> PS. It's a good practice to snip out email addresses on public lists if
> ones mail client does not already do. The crap mail volume is already more
> than all others combined...

Sorry about that, that was unintentionally.

- Jonas
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