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Re: Re: Metric and English grids sizes.


Lorenzo wrote:
>> gerbers. My aux origin is tricky, to set, honestly. That is because my 
>> boards are odd sizes, and the board houses like the gerber origin in the 
>> lower left, whereas my board origin is in the upper left. I do not want 
>> to have to set it more than once, thanks very much.
> I know that feeling: customer wanted a 'nice' box. At the end we designed a pcb fit into RS 472-9626; look at that shape and loath :D
> In this case I'd put the grid origin button just below the show grid one, in the left toolbar. No idea of what's involved in making a point picking routine, anyway...

Wow! You really took the ball and ran with it. I was just trying to
clean up what I saw as a minor UI issue. These are great ideas but they
are way outside of the scope of what I am working on. I want to finish
up the component library work before I move on to something else. This
should probably go into a feature request list somewhere.


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