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Re: Re: Launchpad: Mea maxima culpa


Hello all!

> "I believe you should produce a document from your post which should
> be sent to
> every new member of kicad devel group! It would really help."
> I am willing to send a statement to every new member but it would have
> to be very short,concise and well considered. For the moment, as the
> group evolves and changes it's probably best for participants to
> discover the structure for themselves. A fixed statement on group
> structure and custom is liable to become innacurate over time.
> David.

The best solution is to summarize this information in KiCad's wiki
(http://kicad.sf.net) to not vaporize our forces.

If somebody will have questions regarding membership/participation then
you can write a very short answer with link to the KiCad wiki.

Best regards!
Igor Plyatov