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Re: Via hole display fix AGAIN


Isaac Marino Bavaresco escreveu:
> [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Isaac Marino Bavaresco included below]
> This patch fixes an issue where the via holes doesn't appear at certain
> zoom levels when the vias are shown filled.
> In my machine it happens at zoom level 35. The via holes are shown for
> all zoom levels from 80 and below, except for level 35.
> Could anybody commit this patch please?
> Best regards,
> Isaac
Sorry, the previous patch didn't work. This one really fixes the issue.


--------------020905010808050206080208 Content-Type: application/x-zip-compressed;
name="KiCAD Rev 2045-Via Hole Fix-OK.zip"
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filename="KiCAD Rev 2045-Via Hole Fix-OK.zip"

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