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Re: Color of Close Buttons....


Hi Wayne,

You are right indeed. I have been working on a network analyzer design 
using it. But motivation has grown to work on Kicad as well so I am 
getting the development environment set up and doing a little code 
reading. The bug reports I have submitted as well as comments like this 
one were on the stable version.

Thanks for the good word. It is good to see progress happening.


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> Rob Frohne wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > What is the significance of the color of the buttons in the dialog
> > windows? I note that the Close isn't the same color for the Annotate
> > Dialog as it is for the ERC dialog in EESchema.
> Rob,
> You must be using the last release version of Kicad. The current
> development version dialog buttons should not have any colors other than
> that of current UI theme of your system. You can download the binaries
> for a more recent development version from the Kicad wiki or checkout
> the latest source with subversion.
> Wayne
> >
> > Rob
> >

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