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specctra_export of vias


I added the via export support to the specctra_export.

defined: "stock" via:
a via defined outside a netclass in the arbitrary via list found
in the global design rule window.

For stock vias which are defined with drills of zero, these are exported as
such, with drills of zeros. I have not tested the ramifications of those
vias being used in freerouter and then being back imported. I think some minor work is needed here, and I think we have to agree what it means if a stock via's drill is zero in the back import. Is this now used instead of -1, and a zero points to netclass Default's drill value or to the Netclass of the net in which the "zero drill" via is used. Some testing of the back import is needed in this regard, and maybe some minor code tweaking, but probably not more than a line or two of code to fix it up.

The ability to use Freerouter from Kicad in a vastly improved capacity is within reach now.

I would say PCAD vendors and the like might actually be impacted financially by Kicad & Freerouter in the near future, because this combo of Kicad & Freerouter is no longer serving just the needs of the hobbyist world.

This is my limited opinion of an industry that I do not know intimately...

And I am being very careful to include Freerouter in my guestimations, because its routing capability drastically exceeds that in Kicad. It is the combo that is becoming a powerhouse.


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