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Re: Re: Kicad libraries for pcbnew


On Fri, 30 Oct 2009, viking632 wrote:

Yes, that's a bit of a pain - I've now begun writing down the interesting message numbers (those that
needs my attention :-)

MARC does a wonderful job for browsing, but unfortunately devel seems to be missning. For users go to:


I've "uploaded" a new version of my progress with the pcbnew libs, there are a few additions since the
last version:

I've also now included a README, which itemises my TODO list and lists a number of issues/questions
that needs to be resolved, and some choices that needs to be made (Opinions are welcome :-).


I thinbk you are doing a very good job here. Very good indeed. For components with pins on an arc (TO3-8, tube sockets...) it would be usable to define _oval_ pins rotated to radius. This allows easy size altering and plenty of pad area for hand soldering. Non plated-through boards would benefit the most. Trapezoidal oval would be even better.

In the discret library resistor dissipation numbers are somewhat difficult as they vary on make and model. Most old 1/4 W resistor sized metal-film types are 0.6 W rated... Oh, and if you are going to capacitor work, may I suggest starting with WIMA packages as a guideline? ;) TO3-4 and TO66 (TO213AA) came to mind too. The former has at least L200 encapsulated in it, but TO66 seems tobe mostly gone for high-rel aerospace devices. Anyone desingning these with Kicad... :)

I've been too busy to push symbol library work forward on my part, so apologies for that everyone. It's not forgotten though.


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