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Re: Gathering ideas of library and module improvement.


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Mateusz" <komorkiewicz@...> wrote:
> I do agree, that on the first glance it is a good idea, but ...
> The problem is that thousands of small files is not good at all (too slowboth for hdd and system API).I don't think any EDA program uses one-file-one-component system.
> I think all we need is a version tag in component definition. After all the project librarian will always have to supervise the component adding process to main repo. If we manage to give him tools good enough to do that wewill not need this one-file-one-component system.
> I am working on a tool for online libraries repository.
> Now it uses wxHTTP class to download requested components from: https://kicad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kicad/trunk/kicad-library

I was thinking also to the problem of having thousands of files and i were think about to similar enviroments to find a solution.
Zip files has solved a similar problem with Java libraries or i'm wrong ?
We got all the apis to manage them and could help also transports via wxHTTP.
Probably we could use zip file's Comments for each entry for having the description of the contents and make later on request lazier load of drawing.