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Re: Re: Gathering ideas of library and module


2009/11/4 phinitnan_c <crackerizer@...>
> Yes, I saw many criticism in the previous thread. To me, file system is asimplest form of database. With pre-structured (what also have be done in database), the directory would not be that complicated. Synchronizing, merging, editing ,deleting ,creating inheritance and creating categories are simpler and version control can be applied to each component using availiabletools such as cvs or svn. I also can see a lot of benefits using file and directory instead of database.
> Anyway, this is just one part of the whole story. Drawing style of library and module is also important. I will wait for Vesa work and decide what Ishould contribute to the project.

Yes, filesystem is a database intended to store files - nothing more.
What you see as an simplification I see as an complication. Imagine
for example synchronizing svn repository with 3000 library files. It
would be a real horror.

Your attitude in this area is good for you and probably for couple
other people. But what is good for individuals is not exactly good for
community. I do not say we should throw away ability to work with text
files describing parts, but this may quickly become a mess again.

The problem we are discussing here, from the system perspective is not
a file itself, but a class of entity - the electronic part. In
engineering world the part is described by schematics symbol and the
PCB footprint (this is enough for designing tracks, but not enough if
anyone plan to do more tests or simulations on the PCB model).

I assume most of you agree that having central (this does not mean not
distributed) part repository for KiCad is an idea worth consideration.
I would like to treat this as a place where versioned, moderated parts
submitted by users will be available for other users. So from design
perspective our class should contain version numbers and two branches
- one for accepted verified parts, second for corrected version

If this has to be done, we should start defining requirements for such
functionality to not loose focus on the ideas.

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