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How much does the 3.0 wxString sucks?


I wanted to try the new AUI look, just for kicks (yes, I know that 2.9 isn't stable)

An hell of errors all over the string conversion... that's maybe because I configured wx to use utf8 STL string instead of wchar_t as internal repr?
Expecially the CONV_TO_UTF8 macro... totally broke down (I needed to add .c_str() or .wc_str() to let it compile). And the gettext invocations in initializers broke too...

Also all these new 'fake' types to cater with this 'system option' are yucky (and slow down A LOT the build... I smell overtemplating IMHO)

I'm pondering what they where thinking when they've refactored that class... why not just keep the old std::string and std::wstring (which are the standard and from the docs they simply wrapper over it)... anyway the new wxString is not compatible with the old one, it would have been better to drop it.

Removed wx 2.9, back to stable 2.8. Hating wxWidgets more than ever:P
(clean C GTK+ is still the best for me:D)

End of the rant... just to made clear that probably how you built wx HAS implication on the code...

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