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Re: Re: New library file format


emmedics4 wrote:
> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...> wrote:
>>> Thank you Wayne, the documents are lied in kicad-doc directory. I also prefer text. Some folks here think that it would be good if the file is more readable by human. I would like to propose a new file format based on an existing tool such as JSON (wxJSON, http://wxcode.sourceforge.net/docs/wxjson/). I think this will make the file more readable, flexible and extensible.
>> I agree that the current library and schematic file formats are not very
>> human readable. I believe they are legacy file formats that have been
>> with the project for some time. I am not familiar with JSON so I cannot
>> comment on how effective it would be. One thing I think it should
>> support is wxInputStream and wxOutputStream ( or C++ library istream and
>> ostream ). This way you only have to write one parser and one output
>> format to support streams from any of the derived input and output
>> stream classes. If you us wxInputStream to write you parser, you get
>> socket, file, zip, and tar input streams for very little extra effort.
>> With all of the new library discussions, I could see where any one of
>> the derived input and/or output streams would be useful.
> I agree STRONGLY on the need of wxInputStream/wxOutputStream support and should for me be the first step to do before think to change format library.

I actually started to replace the file based code with wxInputStream for
the component library before I realized that I had to do a lot of
cleanup to the component library objects before attempting implement
wxInputStream and wxOutputStream. I think I have the component library
object code to the point where implementing this will be reasonable
task. I still need to take a look at Dick's dsn parser and formatter
before I attack this problem again. I think the best way forward is to
leave the existing file based code alone for legacy file support and
create new load and save methods for the dsn file support. This should
make the transition from file formats a lot easier.


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