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Re: New library file format


My two cents about DBUS: 

1) I actually don't know if it's working on Windows (citing the website: D-Bus is very portable to any Linux or UNIX flavor, and a port to Windows is in progress.) I actually haven't it even installed on Linux so I have no idea of how much would be difficult to make it work, anyhow.

2) for the degree of IPC used by kicad (i.e. crossprobing. what else?) I think it's overkill like someone else (phinitnan_c) said.

That said, if the plan it to extend it for some kind of RPC (like that horrible DCOP used by KDE or ORBit for Gnome... both more-or-less failed at that) there is the lightweight XMLRPC that's supported more or less everywhere(not that I like XML, but given the range of languages and platform supported I would choose it for that kind of usage).

But if it all remains about crossprobing or little more, I agree that the current IPC is more than adequate.

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