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Re: bad dialogs


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
>> jean-pierre. charras@gipsa- lab.inpg. fr 
>> <mailto:jean-pierre.charras%40gipsa-lab.inpg.fr> wrote:
>>> Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
>>>> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>>>>> Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>>>>> See the attached for another example. Questions I would ask about this
>>>>> one are:
>>>>> 1) Why are some column titles capitalized and others not?
>>> This dialog was created from an older dialog (in fact the old popup
>>> menu), using copy/paste.
>>> Some sentances capitalizations where modifed and others no (forgotten).
>>> This must be corrected.
>>>>> 2) Why are the grid row titles not even readable?
>>> I did not tested it under Linux. Under Windows, no problem.
>>>>> 3) What is the difference between Via size and Via Diameter?
>>> Pcbnew uses only circular vias, so there is no difference between size
>>> and diameter.
>>> But i was thinking square vias could be supported, so this is the 
>> reason
>>> i first used size instead of diameter.
>>> Because last Design rule dialog was using Via diameter, i used this 
>> last
>>> name.
>>> Could an english speaker say what is the better name.
>>> In fact there is an error in columns labels, because i entered in
>>> wxFormBuilder 6 column labels and there is only 5 column.
>>> (wxFormBuilder does not prompt you on a such error), and i did not
>>> noticed this.
>>> Labels are not in the right place.
>>> I commited a change for this
>>>>> 4) Why is the grid not expanding as the dialog is expanding, 
>> (obviously
>>>>> the window has been expanded since it was opened)?
>>>>> 5) Why is the bottom button panel not expanding as the window is
>>>> expanding?
>>>> 6) Why is wxStdDialogButtonSi zer not being used for the cancel button?
>>>> 7) Why are buttons being used instead of check boxes for the setting
>>>> states if this is a modal dialog?
>>> This is an attempt to minimize mouse clicks.
>>> In fact, when i designed this dialog, i was hesitated to choose a Radio
>>> box + an Ok button ( i.e. a wxStdDialogButtonSi zer ) or 5 Ok buttons +
>>> 1 Cancel button.
>>> Good or bad idea ?
>>> I do not know.
>> JP,
>> I think most users will find more than one OK button confusing because
>> historically the OK button generally means accept the changes made in
>> the dialog box. I would use check boxes here to enable or disable the
>> settings. If you are using these buttons to change the underlying
>> drawing by directly accessing the parent window, you should make this to
>> a modeless dialog and use events to update the parent window. This
>> allows you to keep the dialog and parent window manipulation code
>> independent of each other which makes the code easier to read, more
>> maintainable, and the dialog reusable.
>> Wayne
> Ok, Wayne.
> I committed a new dialog, using Gnome standards
> The problem reported by Dick (Column label too small under linux) is not 
> solved.

I had a tough time solving this as well. I eventually had to pad an
empty sizer cell with a spacer to make it work and this may not work in
all cases. I'm not sure how your going to solve this with a grid
control. If I get some time this weekend, I'll see if I can figure out
what is going on. If you do come up with a solution, it might be a good
idea to post is somewhere (UIpolicies.txt?) so other developers don't
have to solve the problem again.


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