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Re: Patch to fix a boundary box bug


> Brian,
> Your patch could be used a temporary fix until a complete solution as
> Dick suggested is implemented.  I changed this because I was tired of
> accidentally moving the field value when I thought I was selecting the
> component.  The old behavior made fields a separate item from the
> component.  This was especially annoying on small components like
> resistors and capacitors where the value and reference fields are close
> to the body of the component.  I failed to take into account the fact
> that some people use lots of hidden fields with long strings.  I still
> think checking for all objects at a given coordinate like pcbnew does is
> the way to go.  Even if an object is not visible, it still gives the
> user an indication that there is an object at that location.
> Wayne

Hi Wayne,

I did not think of people using the hotkey to move a component
actually; I always right click to select move. From the context menu
if you are over a component field you get the context menu options for
moving the field or the component.

With this patch you can still press M over a component field and the
component will move instead of the field, and I agree that's probably
how it should be for now.

The selection clarification would definitely be great to have.

Best Regards,