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Patch to fix a boundary box bug


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Hi Guys,

The "bug" that I am seeing is that text fields are included in a
component boundary box, even if they are invisible. This might have
something to do with the fact that I have the "Value" field invisible
in these components as I used Field 1 as the real component value. I
think it makes more sense to exclude invisble text fields from the
components boundary box. Some wiring was hard or impossible for me to
select. I don't think this patch will have any negative effect, and
invisible elements shouldn't be in the bounding box.

The patch ignores all component fields that are invisble in GetBoundaryBox()

Thinking a bit further, do the fields need to be in the component
boundary box at all? I can see places where I might have some fields
that would stop me selecting wires because they increase the part's
boundary box beyond the pin+graphic extents. I tried excluding all
text fields, and it appeared to work fine for me, selection of
everything was easy and the accuracy of selection should be best by
excluding all text fields.

I have attached some screen shots of the boundary boxes for the
different options.

Best Regards,

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