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I just did a 4 layer board in about a week with Kicad and Freerouter. What a joy this was in comparison to doing the same thing a year ago.

The netlist support was a dream. I was able to classify nets, setup widths and spacing on each netclass (a total of 3), and then export to Freerouter. In Freerouter I have gotten in the habit of manually routing using the push and shove.

What was really slick was the ability to immediately round trip without any additional setup. You got something you want to do back in PCBNEW, such as tweak a zone, simply back import, make the change, re-export back over to freerouter. No setup, just a very few button clicks.

Undo/redo was also used and appreciated.

Our efforts are paying off. Thanks Jean-Pierre, Wayne, and others for all your contributions.

The user base is in for a treat whenever they get a hold of these latest features. The documentation is probably lagging, but this stuff is almost so easy it can simply be figured out, and is better than nothing.


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