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Internal PCB Units?


Currently Pcbnew using 1/10 min as internal unit (or "length quantum"). Butnether I nor board manufacturers near me do not using inches.
In this case internal units make board geometry imprecise. For example 0.2mm (represented as 7.9 mil) track with 0.2 mm clearance (21.7 mil total) does not fit in 0.6 mm gap (represented as 21.6 mil). Problem becomes globalas most electronic component manufacturers using metric units as controlling units.

So it seems that switching to some smaller length quantum will be reasonable. For example im may be G.C.D.(1/10 mil, 0.001 mm) = 0.02 micrometer.

Unfortunately PCB code very deeply bound with 1/10 mil quantum.

I'm going to make some code changes to make quantum change easy. But i needcommunity voice on this problem.
Which new length quantum should we use?
Which file format changes required?

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