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Re: PCB Layer Stackup UI


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

I meant to say specctra syntax, not specctra format. There is no
specctra format that can fully describe a board. Briefly, there is the
DSN format and the SES format. The DSN describes the copper layers
only, no technical layers. No text. The SES format describes a subset
of the copper layers and has less information in it.

I did not understood that.
So, I do not see any problem to use the Specctra syntax.

The other fall out from being able to serialize these objects with descriptive leaders such as "(net" or "(pad" is that they can be copied to a clipboard buffer and then pasted elsewhere. You have enough data to parse the clipboard text in a meaningful way, because the descriptive leader tells you what the data's type is.

So if you ever want to implement "cut and paste" outside the scope of the single process, or even within the single process, this is a useful feature of an object, serialization to text and the reverse.

A person could literally develop an object in a text editor, paste it to the system clipboard from the text editor, and then if a good enough smart paste routine was in place you can then paste the object into a proper destination, presumably based on type.

(I am pulling out a lot of tricks, gathered over 26 years. I've actually done this before, using XML though.)