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Re: target specctra_test


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:


Nevermind, I can get it to build by moving g_BuildVersion into common.cpp
and g_BuildAboutVersion into about_kicad.cpp

Please don't do any cleanup of this until I commit.

No problem. I'm confused as to why the about_kicad.cpp and any of it's
dependencies would even get included when you are building a program
that doesn't require anything from wxWidgets. It may be the case of an
unnecessary include file somewhere.


Not header file related, but that is also what I first thought.

I link to


which *was* in about_kicad.cpp which pulls in wxApp stuff. g_BuildVersion is needed to output into the *.DSN file.

Anyways, the fire is out, I can debug my problems now.

Thank you, and sorry for the false alarm.


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