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--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "vladimir_uryvaev" <vovanius@...> wrote:

> > 2. Is there any escape sequence for ~ character? I would like to type
> > ~230V, but I get underscored 230V - in PADS as far as I remember the
> > underscore character was \ (backslash).
> As I seen in source, ~ (tilde) symbol is used to toggle overlining (like in PCAD), but no escape for typing ~. I think it is easy add ~~ sequence totype a tilde.

I used \ to access the Technical Set 1 (the ISO one, not the DEC one!) repertoire (these characters actually HAVE Unicode codepoints but they're very sparse and substantially inaccessible... like, the tristate output is a WHITE TRIANGLE POINTING DOWN while some other symbol are mapped in the technical symbol area... I don't remember if the AC symbol (actually the low frequency AC symbol) is mapped to the SINE one or some strange tilde...). Since the '~' codepoint it's unused in this set I recovered the tilde glyph using\~ :P

The set is described here: 


(I have the corresponding CEI EN 61287:1997 but it isn't free to distributeand anyway doesn't tell much more).

Why I didn't use the Unicode codepoints? Two main reason:
1) I wanted to keep the character manager based on arrays instead of, for example, a map
2) These code point aren't defined in most fonts (maybe none has them defined) so they wouldn't be typeable in the standard input box.

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