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Re: Stroke font [2 Attachments]


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Lorenzo" <lomarcan@...> wrote:
> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "vladimir_uryvaev" <vovanius@> > >> As I seen in source, ~ (tilde) symbol is used to toggle overlining (like in PCAD), but no escape for typing ~. I think it is easy add ~~ sequence to type a tilde.
> I used \ to access the Technical Set 1 (the ISO one, not the DEC one!) repertoire (these characters actually HAVE Unicode codepoints but they're very sparse and substantially inaccessible... like, the tristate output is a WHITE TRIANGLE POINTING DOWN while some other symbol are mapped in the technical symbol area... I don't remember if the AC symbol (actually the low frequency AC symbol) is mapped to the SINE one or some strange tilde...). Since the '~' codepoint it's unused in this set I recovered the tilde glyph using \~ :P

In preset there are many free fonts having technical symbols. For example DejaVu, which can be found in popular linux distributions. So it wouldn't big problem displaying them. OTOH input problem persists, because I do not know any keyboard layout with all of them. Escape code is well known to do this. But i think about some WYSIWYG way, like symbol toolbar and special key bindings (ALT+, CTRL+...). Also it would be great if overline will be WYSIWYG too.

> The set is described here: 
> http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/ISO-IR/181.pdf
Hmm. Standard applies to Russia, but I didn't know about it... Interesting:)

As you will need more and more symbols, you should get more and more these Technical Sets. As the result you will invent Unicode. :-)

> (I have the corresponding CEI EN 61287:1997 but it isn't free to distribute and anyway doesn't tell much more).
> Why I didn't use the Unicode codepoints? Two main reason:
> 1) I wanted to keep the character manager based on arrays instead of, forexample, a map

I see no problem in 4MiB array storing pointers to every unicode character.(Oh, these terabytes and gigahertz deprave programmers:))

> 2) These code point aren't defined in most fonts (maybe none has them defined) so they wouldn't be typeable in the standard input box.

Maybe just use right fonts? :)

Anyway i do not think that mapping unicode font to any other encoding is issue.