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where footprints come from (was Re: Re: Internal PCB Units?)


> Don't feel offended, but PERL is write-only language without future. It is
> strong and powerful for current tasks, but not for projects. Even BIG
> framework in my company started to move into python. It is a matter of
> conversion.

Please no language holy wars :D I'd prefer lua since it's smaller and easier to integrate as a scripting language but still I'd prefer perl over python (even only because you can % in vi to skip block :P). Anyway, as you said, they're mostly equivalent, it's only personal abiture IMO. Oh and both python and perl sucks as object systems :D:D:D (lua is even worse)

> That was true in late '90, now Java and C++ have very strong position.
> Python can be easily joined with Java (thanks to Jython) and with .NET/MONO
> (thanks to IronPython).

Sadly I've never seen java with 'adequate' performance, but maybe being in the RT crew I'm a LITTLE too exigent :P perl is slow at hell to load at first but then is comparable to it. And there's A LOT more in CPAN than for java and python put together...

> On Windows it requires ActiveState Perl, which is available for free (I
> think), but it is closed source commercial application.

Last time I've checked it was so. It also was included in some resource kitfrom M$...

> Cywin is evil these days.

It always was :D but it's a quick way to run posix stuff... I agree that mingw is the way to go.