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Re: Re: We should decide a quoting convention...



OK, I spent the last several hours improving DSNLEXER.

My last posting stands. Keywords must be ASCII, not UTF8. These are tokens which are known ahead of time, so there's no reason to stray from ASCII, and it is silly trying to sort UTF8 strings. Keywords are sorted ahead of time. UTF8 must be quoted and is where you would put app specific identifiers.

As far as my A) is concerned, DSNLEXER now handles quoted strings properly, you simply have to double up the quote character if it is embedded in a quoted string. The quote_char is dynamically assignable per the Specctra DSN spec to one of the 3 chars: ' " or $, but this is extraneous information.

DSNLEXER also handles multi-line strings, and these must be quoted. (This is a multi-line string from the perspective of the lexer, who will return it as a single token.)

You could still run a single line string through the lexer that contains some other newline delimiter such as \n, but this is of no concern to the lexer.

So the grammar designer can handle newlines any way he/she wants to, either as:

1) true newlines embedded in a quoted string or
2) as \n or \x9, or
3) %9
4) other, say embedding a number of newline-less quoted strings in a () element.

the DSNLEXER does not care, and therefore neither do I at this point. We are now covered, and I am quite hopeful that I did not break the compatibility of DSNLEXER with the Specctra DSN syntax. We now support a super-set of the original syntax, in that DSNLEXER strips out the doubled-up quotes for the parser, handles multi-lines in quoted strings, and can optionally return comments to the parser. A comment string is a line of text in the stream whose first non-blank character is a #. The entire line of text is returned as the token, so that you can preserve leading whitespace should you want to preserve these comments in some later output that is respectful of indentation.

This is now a fairly solid platform to start designing grammars on top of. The syntax issues I think are good enough for anything that I can foresee. (floats are OK, as long as they do not contain an exponent. You want exponents, then a little more work is required.)

I will be adding some more support than what already exists for generating quoted strings, so that the doubled-up quoting is done for you in OUTPUTFORMATTER.


So I would like to shift the discussion to grammar, and away from this syntax churn / noise. When I say grammar, I am speaking of a sequence of tokens & keywords which are returned from the DSNLEXER. Think higher level now.

If anybody has some improvements on my footprint file grammar first draft, then these need to be offered up by the time I get around to coding it this spring, April or so. The footprint file grammar is flexible, the syntax is probably firmed up IMO.

If you want to contribute, go back and find my (footprint ... ) example.



I'll commit the DSNLEXER changes in the morning.

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