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Re: Re: We should decide a quoting convention...


Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :


------------ -

So I would like to shift the discussion to grammar, and away from this
syntax churn / noise. When I say grammar, I am speaking of a sequence
of tokens & keywords which are returned from the DSNLEXER. Think higher
level now.

I committed my notes from mails about new pcbnew file format and layers handling.
This is only some notes about this topic, and *not* a guideline.
This doc is (for me) just more easy to read than a lot of mails.
Dick, please feel free to add/change these notes.

I also believe thinking about a higher level to code footprints, tracks, rules and the full board and/or footprint libraries files is the main topic. (I did not work on it until now, because I had some work to fix bugs found in kicad)
By the way, I will be away these 4 next days.

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