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Making easier to move projects


Hi All!

My name is Salvador E. Tropea and this is my first post here, sorry if 
I'm doing something wrong.

First I'll explain what I'm trying to "fix".
We use cvs on Linux for our Kicad files. For this reason more than one 
user uses the same file and the absolute paths are always different.
In order to be able to move the projects from one user to another (one 
path to another) we must keep paths as relative.
We use Kicad 20071129 and in order to solve the problem we compiled the 
current svn code.
The current Kicad helps a lot by adding the paths to search libraries stuff.
But the problem is that these paths must be entered as relative.

In order to achieve this I propose the attached patches.
eeschema.patch modifies DIALOG_EESCHEMA_CONFIG::OnAddOrInsertPath. Now 
the dialog asks if we want to add the paths to libraries as relative.

pcbnew.patch does the same for 
DIALOG_PCBNEW_CONFIG_LIBS::OnAddOrInsertPath. Additionally modifies 
DIALOG_MODULE_BOARD_EDITOR::Browse3DLib to ask if the user wants to add 
the 3D shape as a relative file. Note that the last change is optional 
because the user should add the path to the shapes as a library path, 
but I think it is a good idea to have it.

I'm not familiar with wx library, so I don't know if my patches are 
clean enough.

Regards, SET

P.S. I run svn diff in the eeschema and pcbnew directories, not at the 
kicad level.

Ing. Salvador Eduardo Tropea http://utic.inti.gob.ar/
INTI-Electrónica e Informática Tel: (+54 11) 4724 6315
Colectora de Av. General Paz 5445 San Martín - B1650KNA
Casilla de Correo 157 FAX: (+54 11) 4754 5194
Buenos Aires * Argentina http://www.inti.gob.ar/

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