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Removing the annoying overwrite message in eeschema


Hi All!

Me again.
I propose the attached patch. It "fixes" an inconsistency. In pcbnew 
when you modify the library preferences and hit Ok a file dialog prompts 
for the filename of the project want to save, if you just hit ENTER the 
current project is modified (by far the most common case). In eeschema 
the dialog asks if you want to overwrite ... this is annoying. The 
attached patch eliminates the overwrite warning. But! ... I left the 
overwrite warning in the case you choose to save the preferences (I 
think this is a less frequent action).

Any comments?

Regards, SET

Ing. Salvador Eduardo Tropea http://utic.inti.gob.ar/
INTI-Electrónica e Informática Tel: (+54 11) 4724 6315
Colectora de Av. General Paz 5445 San Martín - B1650KNA
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Buenos Aires * Argentina http://www.inti.gob.ar/

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