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Re: Kicad's Dialogs


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:
> emmedics4 wrote:
> > I'm looking to various dialogs in kicad are positioned in various partsof the screen depending on which is and is very annoying.
> > Change on this behaviuor could be easy to fix using wxWindow::CentreOnParent().
> > >From what i know dialogs are cured by Dick i wish know if he agrees onthis change and in this case if he prefers i can prepare a patch to fix this behaviour.

> I have two monitors, each 28" wide. (And it still seems like I am 
> going blind.)
> I don't always want dialogs to appear on top of my work, so I have 
> started implementing
> retentative dialog coordinates:
> ------------------------------------
> where the dialog remembers its last size and position. This way the 
> The only improvement I can think of to this and one which dove-tails in 
> your idea, is to call CentreOnParent() on the first showing of the 
> dialog. However, I think you might be seeing a platform specific 
> artifact. Usually the dialogs I see are centered on the parent even 
> without this call.  

That could be great, do you think to make the "retentative dialog coordinates" switchable in the configuration dialog ?


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