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Re: Kicad and making home made PCBs


Hi, I am bringing this ovr from kicad users, I just hope that this is not a breach o netiquete ...

This topic about home made pcbs comes very often here and even more in the brazilian user's list of which I am one of the moderators.

I made some researchs in the past (I don't home made for years now) and I remeber that after many experiments (with tango, I had a script ti fix this up) and my conclusion is that for hand drilling the hole in the copper should be 50% of the real size. This serves as guide for the drill and works from small 0.9mm to fixtures 4mm.

Could an option for this be added in future versions? I guess that now is a good time as most dialogs are being changed.


Andy Eskelson escreveu:
Select the small drill point option in the plot requester, and then plot

For some reason when using normal printing the drill size always seems to
be the actual drill size rather than just a small point.

Gerber files will have a filled in pad, as that is what is required by
PCB houses.

I then display and print the postscript files using the Evince
utility (SUSE 11.1 Linux)


On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 20:03:23 -0800 (PST)
yukku yukkoooooo <yukku19752000@...> wrote:

I am interested iu making home made PCBs and a web site mentions its a a nice feature to have a small hole in the middle of the the filled circle (at the end of a track) so a home made drill can be accurately used to drill a hole into the PCB right in the centre. I saw Kicad does not provide holes in the middle of the PCB at the component position. Can I force Kicad to do this using some option ?


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