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Re: Re: [kicad-users] Kicad and making home made


On Tue, 12 Jan 2010, Alain Mouette wrote:

I made some researchs in the past (I don't home made for years now) and
I remeber that after many experiments (with tango, I had a script ti fix
this up) and my conclusion is that for hand drilling the hole in the
copper should be 50% of the real size. This serves as guide for the
drill and works from small 0.9mm to fixtures 4mm.

Could an option for this be added in future versions? I guess that now
is a good time as most dialogs are being changed.

This option is on the "Plot" dialog as "Pads Drill Opt". Tick in a "Small mark" and on you go :). Print dialog needs to be fixed and also linux printing issues on wx should be checked. I have only used "plot" for production as I panelise multiple PS artworks in Inkscape for printing.

Best regards,

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