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R2217 bugs


It seems using wxAutoBufferedPaintDC in OnPaint event as a Windows 7 compositor fix introduces regression on Linux. All gui controls flicker on zoom and the performance is much worse with or without compositing. May be wx issues. How about ifdefing the fix for Windows only? The grid drawing may be fixed by using wxBrush and factoring zoom so that there is even number of pixels between the grid rows. Now every dot doesn't need its own calculation for coordinates and a draw call. QCad comes to mind as an example of this. It is also much nicer to look at without interference bands from rounding.

Eeschema has a manual annotation bug. For example if one places four resistors on a sheet and uses automatic annotaion, everything works fine. Addition of one resistor annotated automatically as R? will work in netlister. Manual editing (E) to R5 works too, but the value is only updated in the UI, not in the schematic data structure. Adding another resistor will break netlister as there are two R?s now. Edit command shows R? as a reference in both, but gui shows R5 on the other.


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