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Re: R2217 bugs


I compiled latest SVN and eeschema works very good, only with pcbnew i get a segmentation fault after it loads (only the application). If i run it in valgrind it takes some time to load and loads all even the border referenceand then it crashes. Eventually I can give the valgrind output.I need to do further testing with which commit this happens.

--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Vesa Solonen <vsolonen@...> wrote:
> It seems using wxAutoBufferedPaintDC in OnPaint event as a Windows 7 
> compositor fix introduces regression on Linux. All gui controls flicker on 
> zoom and the performance is much worse with or without compositing. May be 
> wx issues. How about ifdefing the fix for Windows only? The grid drawing 
> may be fixed by using wxBrush and factoring zoom so that there is even 
> number of pixels between the grid rows. Now every dot doesn't need its own 
> calculation for coordinates and a draw call. QCad comes to mind as an 
> example of this. It is also much nicer to look at without interference 
> bands from rounding.
> Eeschema has a manual annotation bug. For example if one places four 
> resistors on a sheet and uses automatic annotaion, everything works fine. 
> Addition of one resistor annotated automatically as R? will work in 
> netlister. Manual editing (E) to R5 works too, but the value is only 
> updated in the UI, not in the schematic data structure. Adding another 
> resistor will break netlister as there are two R?s now. Edit command shows 
> R? as a reference in both, but gui shows R5 on the other.
> -Vesa

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